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How I explained what SEO is to my parents…

How To Explain SEOI recently started a new gig as an SEO, making the jump from marketing in a more traditional sense with some SEO thrown in.  When I tried to explain to my family what it is their little boy would be getting paid to do now I quickly found myself scrambling for analogies.

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Weekly Roundup: It’s All About The Design

Design plays a big part in every aspect of web development, Seo, making conversions and just about every other aspect of the web. Here are some articles I came across this week that give some good insight to different design elements. Enjoy!

eMusic’s New Pricing Model and Why It Might Fail.

Online music services are hard enough to get off the ground and maintain.  Figuring out a pricing model that is attractive to your customers, lucrative for you and enough for the music industry is no easy task.  The three parties need to be balanced, each one needs to be happy enough  to continue to do business with the other.  When one of those parties falls out of balance, everything comes apart.

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Weekend Roundup: Ladies Night, Difficult Clients and Fonts.

It’s Monday and we’re all wishing it was Sunday, our fun day.  But it’s not so grab a cup of coffee and catch up on what you missed from over the weekend.

How to Generate $100k in Revenue. Get Your Startup Featured on CNN and more. It’s The Weekly Round Up!

Here are some of the most interesting articles I came across this week.  Let me know if I missed something you think should be on here!

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Weekend Round Up: Customer Support, Design, SEO Blogs and Ways to Generate $10 Million in Revenue. It’s all here!

Wild weekend?  Not for me!  I have been sick for the past few days so while that is unfortunate for me it works out for you because I had a chance to track down these interesting articles for you to catch up with!
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Weekly Round Up: The Best in SEO, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and more.

Did you have a crazy week of work? I know I did but I also had time to put together this list of great articles and blogs I came across. They cover different topics like Design, SEO, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. So, here is your chance to catch up on something you might have missed.

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Weekend Round Up: The best in SEO, Marketing, Design and More!

Here are the best articles I found this weekend all centrally located so you don’t have to spend your Monday morning surfing the web to see what you missed.

The Best in SEO, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Weekly Roundup 9/20-9/25

Crazy week at work?  Didn’t get a chance to check out all your blogs or articles?  Well don’t worry, I’ve done some of the leg work for you.

Here are the best SEO/Entrepreneurship/Marketing articles I came across this week.

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You Will Screw Up Eventually, It Is How You Handle It That Counts.

Customer Service

It is inevitable that at some point you will screw up something with a client.  It might be a billing issue or it might be a customer support snafu, it will happen.  You’ll do everything you can to make sure everyone is happy and everything runs smoothly but the crap will hit the fan.  It is how you handle it at that point which is what is important. Continue reading “You Will Screw Up Eventually, It Is How You Handle It That Counts.” »